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User Generated Content scores big

Check out the whole story and more videos here UGC Marketing Becomes Epic "Up For Whatever!" Party - Thismoment Content Marketing Blog The campaign is built on "a very strong millennial insight." Bud Light had a major success with its 2014 Super...

Wordpress Plugin now available

DOWNLOAD YOUR SayitRight® PLUGIN FROM THE WORDPRESS PLUG IN PAGE HERE Now available...  easy install of your SayitRight Network Station on your Wordpress site:)  This plugin uses short codes to  build a pure HTML...

5 tips for creating better content

Matt Hames Digital media and content strategist in higher education Content creation is changing. From the blogosphere, to Facebook, content platforms are demanding that marketers think harder about the content they create. Facebook recently began...

Magic Sunday

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Version 5.1 released

Announcing the latest release of the SayitRight Publisher Platform - Version 5.1 The team at SayitRight is pleased to announce the BETA release of version 5.1 of the SayitRight TV and Publisher Platforms. The new version is a completely overhauled...

Paid Media Spend Rising, 96% of Brands Use Owned: Converged Media Study

Paid media is great for driving awareness and makes a promise to a consumer, but owned media is the vehicle by which to deliver against those promises. So says the new Converged Media report, the culmination of a series of consumer and...

Google’s Cutts: Auto-Generated Content & Search Results In Our Index Violate Our Guidelines

In a recent video from Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, Matt discussed a pretty obvious spam tactic that Google will take action on. The question was Does Google take action on automatically generated pages that provide no added...

Bring them back to your store.. how social media sucks sometimes.

At SayitRight, we love social media as a form of entertainment or as an awareness building tool. Sadly, we think it's not the best place to garner your audiences' attention.   Isn't that what your website was originally intended to do? ...

Mobile helps propel digital time spent

Average time spent with digital media per day will surpass TV viewing time for the first time this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimate of media consumption among US adults. The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online, on...

The 1 minute view

A short introduction to SayitRight TV

Video Ad Views Hit All-Time High: 13 Billion

Greg Jarboe,April 26, 2013 The latest data from the comScore Video Metrix service shows that 182.5 million Americans watched 39.3 billion online content videos in March 2013, while the number of video ad views reached an all-time high at 13.2 billion...

Tuning In: Have Advertisers Finally Determined a Movie Screen or Computer Is Just as Good as the Tube?

By: Brian Steinberg Published: February 21, 2012    Our children and grandchildren will never know a time when television consisted of ABC, CBS and NBC, with a few local stations thrown in for good measure. The industry...

About SayitRight

While elements of video and traditional visual and textual content delivery are rapidly evolving on the internet today, interconnectivity of this information is primarily centered on social media or file sharing. Sharing content between businesses is...

It's all a part of your program

Today's web is not about static, institutional advertising. The idea of having an online brochure was passé even several years ago. Now, if you are not interacting with your marketplace online, you're not even in their direct line of fire for...