Bring them back to your store.. how social media sucks sometimes.

Published by Administrator on Saturday, 31st August 2013 - 10:19PM in News & Muse

At SayitRight, we love social media as a form of entertainment or as an awareness building tool. Sadly, we think it's not the best place to garner your audiences' attention.   Isn't that what your website was originally intended to do? 

 1.  First of all… you're only telling or seeing  PART of the story, in bits and pieces. In  a world of  Site and Sound Bites, social media is the perfect breeding ground for momentary impressions... not a bad thing if the aim is impulse response. We'd rather have the impluse developed in a place we have a better chance of satisfying it. 

 2. You're telling it to a distracted audience - who's paying full attention to your story when their looking at messages, related posts, a constant stream of distraction or competitor's marketing? 

 3.   and more distracting than ever. Speaking again to the previous post  

 4. It's WAY more work than you ever expected.  According to statistics, the lion's share of attention still goes to FaceBook and Twitter... in fact, most users honestly admit that they focus on one place for the bulk of their social media connections. No too many folks have time to post their messages and media in more than a few places simultaneously.. so in a way we get married to a certain set of followers and viewers. 

Without a TON of sharing and support from that market, your message will languish in the Social Media Soup. It's FREE for a reason… it's all about THEM! Social Media services don't exist as a marketing outlet for the sole purpose of promoting your brand, but to promote THEIR brand, and build revenue for the outlet at you along.  SayitRight believes your Social Media should be a direct link by to YOUR store.. your website, your message, your marketplace. 

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