5 tips for creating better content

Published by Administrator on Friday, 30th May 2014 - 1:33PM in News & Muse


Matt Hames

Digital media and content strategist in higher education

Content creation is changing. From the blogosphere, to Facebook, content platforms are demanding that marketers think harder about the content they create. Facebook recently began to assume content is not engaging until it earns engagement.

That is also the case for a blog. Google doesn’t assume something is relevant until people engage with the content. The only difference is Facebook used to throw content in front of consumers even when that content was bad.

That means content needs to be better. It needs to have goals, and it should generate a behavior more than just a click.

Here are 5 ideas to help.

1. Pick episodic-like content. Most of the professional content we consume is episodic. From the monthly magazine, to the weekly TV or radio show, we like to know when it is coming. And while people might be time-shifting their way to consume it when they want, they still need to know when it is coming in order to timeshift. Instead of reacting, create episodic content. Something every Friday. Something on a Tuesday.

2. Post less. This is hard because these platforms feel like a beast that needs to be fed. Since LinkedIn gave me this platform, I’ve posted 14 times. I haven’t stuck with the rule above, but I’m thinking about it. for now, LinkedIn pushes my content.

People used to ask me how often they should post on Facebook, as if there’s a right answer to the question. I would respond with “when you have something to say.” To refine it, when you have content that will generate a behavior. If you can’t create content that will generate a behavior, be quiet.

3. Post more pictures. 60% of the people who consume our content do it on a mobile device. Pictures work better, assuming they do both of the above. One of the most viewed blog posts on our platform last year was our photographer’s favorite pictures. We already do a thing called a Friday Smile, that's where we post a picture of people smiling.

4. Use video. While pictures “work better”, video works even better as a marketing tactic. The television commercial is still the best ways to generate emotional attachment to a brand. Think about Coke ads.

That said, it needs to be used sparingly, and strategically. If 60% of the people are using a mobile phone, you’ll need them to have headphones in order to consume the content. That isn’t always the case.

5. Find talented people who can create content. Writing for engagement isn’t the same thing as writing. When the goal is to engage people, the writing needs shorter sentences. Use less words to get to the point, not more.

There will be people in your organization who can help. Empower them to create content. Teach them the voice of the brand and let them express that voice. There are people who are way better than me at creating content for Twitter – my goal is to have them do it more.

What is your advice for creating content that generates a behavior?

5 tips for creating better content

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