Version 5.1 released

Published by Administrator on Thursday, 13th March 2014 - 10:51PM in News & Muse

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Announcing the latest release of the SayitRight Publisher Platform - Version 5.1

The team at SayitRight is pleased to announce the BETA release of version 5.1 of the SayitRight TV and Publisher Platforms.

The new version is a completely overhauled design with a massive addition of functionalities.


This release includes a completely revamped front end template, and redesigned back end production interface . Both front and back ends are optimized for the new mobile world, as well as search engine robots.

When our users visit their application access page they'll discover a robust and effective place to present their multimedia presentations that can be used as a nearly complete website interface. Of course, it can be customized with any design or functionality for our Publisher customers, but the basic default template is nearly a complete, stand alone website in it's own right.

Along with the clean and pleasing, not to mention fast interfaces, the following functionality features have been added: 

  • Now add multiple users to your site, and have your team help build content.
  • Search is active - add tags to your programs and help viewers find your content faster . 
  • Custom templates may now include links that 'fine tune' the data return of channels, or random searches. 
  • Customize your marketing message for the home pager of your Station.
  • Upload headers, banners, logos, icon, avatar and profile headers.
  • Set a direct link for your marketing banner to move viewer sto your promotions.
  • Create and upload images for channels
  • Include a direct link to your FaceBook, Twitter or Google + accounts ( or all three)
  • Add your google analytics code to your station so you can track the performance of your content. 

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