SayitRight is "Program-centric"

Published by Administrator on Thursday, 16th May 2013 - 3:26AM in Services

Like a television network, SayitRight Publisher® allows you to create multimedia programming on your own Station and distribute it wherever you want someone to watch it - on your websites or other partnering websites. In keeping with the concept of syndication and affiliates, you can even share your program on other Stations run by marketing partners within the SayitRight Network.  Your dashboard interface is your launching point for accessing the SayitRight Publisher® cloud application, and your window on a world of program development and distribution.  STATIONS may contain unlimited CHANNELS and unlimited PROGRAMS within them, and even distribute individual programs to multiple channels on your Station and your network partners stations.  It all starts with your story, and you tell that story through your PROGRAMS.  This program speaks to the basic features of our application. Of course, a cloud app is always under development, so when we add features, you automatically get the benefit - no version upgrades to worry about; they're automatic. 
Sayitright Publisher lets you create:
  • Created an unlimited number of programs, with your content library limits determined by your subscription level. 
  • Create all the Channels you want ( though we recommend you keep it simple for your viewers and don't overwhelm them. 
  • You can add mixed media simultaneously; still images and video. 
  • You can record a live video or take still images from your webcam
  • Cut and Paste text from the web, documents, emails or other sources, or write and edit right inside the interface - our simple interface makes certain that our content looks consistent even when  you network your PROGRAMS with other users employing different custom Staiton Designs ( TEMPLATES) . 
  • Upload and encode videos and still images simultaneously, and while you keep working on your textual content.
  • Include your presentation ELEMENTS in the presentation bar or within your text areas.
  • Import video and still images from the web.
  • Assign your program to all the channels that make sense for it's content. 
  • Hide your program and come back to work on it later, or publish it instantly when you click on save. 
  • Review your program from your Dashboard, even if it's in draft or hidden mode.

That's just the start of all the great features we're cooking up in the back room. 

Send us your Beta Request today we'll show you how SayitRight Publisher makes sense for your enterprise


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