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Today's web is not about static, institutional advertising. The idea of having an online brochure was passé even several years ago. Now, if you are not interacting with your marketplace online, you're not even in their direct line of fire for consideration.  Search Engine results and Social Media exposure has become all the rage, to the point where yet again something that was a powerful solution has become diluted and difficult to manage as everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.  Everyone wants an automated solution... turn the key and hope the customers find you. We say, "forget it." No matter what technology is in place you can't replace good old fashioned, person to person marketing. Sure.. maybe we can automate the means you use to reach people, but you still have to have the most important element in successfully engaging a customer:  Something they want! In order to get to your audience it's essential you reach out to them where they are online, which may or may not be Facebook, YouTube or others. In a world with a zillion different places to 'post' your messages, it's bound to get diluted by a zillion times. Everywhere we can post our content we're competing with the distractions those venues create. If it's Facebook and a message pops up, or a new chat or notification, you've lost their attention you worked so hard attract.... if they are watching a YouTube video, every other related video is there for them to explore, as well as Google's advertising efforts. Other sites don't exist for your benefit, but for their own. The SayitRight premise is that you should bring them back to your place, where they're not distracted by the universe of other options when you want them to be paying attention to yours. And that's were our technology and approach shines. Everything about your business can be translated to an idea, and all your ideas can be circulated everywhere your audience is, with the intention of captivating them and drawing them back to "your place." It's all about the (relevant) content!
  • Your ideas will live on your SayitRight Portal in the form of "Programs" - video, still images, audio, text, links, contact data, profile data, related content and more... all part of a single unit that best communicates your ideas and draws folks back to you. Create your programs once, distribute them everywhere, and invite everyone to focus on your message where it counts; on your own website in their browser, their tablet or their mobile phone.
  • Imagine your website serving as your very own "Facebook®..."  encouraging users to join YOUR community online, allowing you to update all of them with a simple click of the mouse - or send them a newsletter built from a series of programs, anytime you want. When you want to share your newest marketing messages, all you have to do is create a new program. Your website can serve relevant data to your users. You can even allow your users, friends and associates to freely contribute content to your website. 
  • The ease with which you can create original content, or aggregate external content, makes it easy to create dynamic, engaging programs.  
  • Sharing content with marketing partners increases your reach across the marketplace, and SayitRight TV®  makes that incredibly easy. 
  • Streaming advertising can drive revenue and engage your viewers, whether it's your own ad messages or you want to monetize your web portal with external providers. The SayitRight portal platform is optimized to provide 'smart' results for each of your viewers... you can piggyback and control marketing messages on your SayitRight site with granular or widely targeted strategies.
Build your message, reach out to your marketplace, and captivate them in your own venue. That's how to SayitRight!  What SayitRight TV is  

1. A portal solution that allows users to easily create "programs" including original video (or external video such as YouTube content), images, textual details, direct contact and purchase integration to a system optimized for social media and search engine recognition;. An  cloud application that integrates content from the portal into an 'online TV' - a custom configurable player that can be deployed anywhere on the web (where users have script access).  Users develop unlimited 'channels' and 'program lists' that can be shared anywhere... more importantly users can create links to specific programs that drive their market back to their marketing message in whatever context they want to do so...  (Checkout and look at the "Stations" page.. launch the Newport Boat Show station.. then go to  ... "click here to View Boat Show TV" link above the news). 3. A powerful network tool that allows users to share content between accounts, allowing like minded organizations that share similar markets to collaborate on marketing initiatives. Imagine a franchise or manufacturer integrating their content with the more localized content their sales outlets require, allowing greater support and more control over the marketing message; ie... J Boats and J World have their own master "Stations"  and their 65 dealers incorporate that content from J Boats, while marketing unrelated products and events, etc, in their own localize stations.  4. Every user will be able to create a completely unique website on our platform that creates a social community around their network of media, enables integrated ecommerce and direct communication with other network users, and forms the launch and landing point for all their distributed social media marketing. The idea is to bring their efforts back to their own branded presentation, where they can most effectively captivate and engage their marketplace. 5. After many years of  viewing web content in the traditional 'web page' format, SayitRight is developing it's consolidated "Station" view into a powerful web based (browser-tablet-mobile) content viewer. This unique format will make viewing web content more like a watching television, serving data and advertising in a stationary, interactive, and highly customizable interface, with the rest of the website providing supporting data. The goal is to allow viewers to concentrate on the message rather than the navigation or web technology. 10 Reasons why we ROCK in place of YouTube or other solutions #1. SIRTV emphasizes SELLING, rather than sharing. It is designed specifically to be a marketing tool intended to drive viewers to your web properties. 

#2. SIRTV plays video AND still images, integrates textual details, sharing and direct contact with the buyer in a branded interface that you can run ANYWHERE on the web.... be it your own site or marketing partner sites.  

#3. SIRTV lets you link programs straight to ecommerce solutions or any other multiple web pages relevant to that program.  

#4. SIRTV is exclusively the marketing entity of our clients. Our Station interface can be completely customized to suit our clients' business presentation.  

#5 SIRTV  does not take up valuable real estate or separate web pages on your website, but launches in its' own lightbox and keeps viewers on the web pages you want to keep them on. Better yet, viewers aren't driven away from your website and back to YouTube' site, where you can't control the marketing or advertising presentation. There are no ads, links to other pages, or cryptic paths back to your website. It LIVES on your website.  

#6. SIRTV - Cross-marketing capabilities let you share your content, but choose WHO can use it.  You can create more traffic driving, message delivering media with the viral capabilities your MMTV allows. Run other users content in your station, let them run yours in their station. Collaborate on promotions, products, news and more... who whom you choose to be in business with. Nobody is going to drop your video content on their web page for their purposed without your permission.  

  #7. SIRTV - The content you put up continues to belong to YOU, not a huge corporate entity that can control it's distribution any way it sees fit. When you post to YouTube you grant permission to them and users to use your content ( as they see fit) . This also applies to other people using your content.

Here’s a scary excerpt from the new YouTube terms:

“…by submitting the User Submissions to YouTube, you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the User Submissions in connection with the YouTube Website and YouTube’s (and its successor’s) business… in any media formats and through any media channels.” Here is an excerpt from YouTube's guidelines for their "Channel" product  : 
  1. YouTube If you use the Embeddable Player on your website, you may not modify, build upon, or block any portion or functionality of the Embeddable Player, i ncluding but not limited to links back to the YouTube website.    (
#8. SIRTV doesn't promote your competitors - There is no arbitrary or direct path back to some website that shows off all the related videos that your content connects to... meaning competitive content that is somehow related (according to Google)   

#9. SIRTV is the most cost effective solution in the market -  it offers both it's custom Station solution and it's streaming rates at a fraction of the cost of the predominate alternatives, and they do not combine textual, still image and motion media.  

#10. SIRTV lets you post your content to our industry specific portals, providing even greater exposure for your video content.. , you have more opportunities to drive traffic to your business web site.  And one more point we think matters:  SIRTV has real (nice) people to that will support your marketing needs, instead of just a web page.

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