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Published by Administrator on Saturday, 11th May 2013 - 6:49PM

While elements of video and traditional visual and textual content delivery are rapidly evolving on the internet today, interconnectivity of this information is primarily centered on social media or file sharing. Sharing content between businesses is still a rudimentary and time consuming exercise. The SayitRight Publisher provides direct interconnectivity to network users, creating cross-marketing opportunities for interdependent businesses, through an augmentation for existing websites or a complete website solution.

SayitRight Media has developed a new approach to a web platform, wherein we build what are essentially powerful, networked web portals. Along with that backend, we've created an new approach to the web interface the allows users to present and share any message in a multi-media format that has the familiarity and functionality of television, build user groups to market to, and share network partners programming and market assets as a business solution. We are working with customers and other media outlets to exponentially and virally expand a network of sites  ( we call it an online TV network), with revenue streams derived from streaming data, advertising, production support services  (web development, marketing services, live and on-demand content, etc). 

SayitRight TV and Publisher allow our customers to build expansive online networks of related businesses by integrating demand and live multimedia content delivery, direct marketing, social media integration, commerce, original content and advertising streams via our proprietary cloud based application.

Thanks for joining us at SayitRight.com, a work in progress since 1998. 

At that time SayitRight was a corporate magazine publisher, with a concentration in the marine industry. Starting with the intention of promoting our marketing services with a simple press release distribution site, the development of our on-line skills grew to include much more. Ultimately, it became essential to become our own web host an developers and interact with the code writing community on a cutting edge level. We are fascinated with the ability of the web to make communicating far easier, faster, and fun.

We understand that selling is the fundamental function of your business existence, and good marketing is the foundation for that function.

 "Marketing is the entire process of bringing a product to market... not just advertising."

On-line or on-press, we have over 25 years experience developing marketing solutions for real world creative & production applications. We operate marketing, publishing and web development businesses and have managed many projects that have relied on cutting edge print production and web technologies. 

 • web portals 

• print media 

• online software 

• user interface/workflow systems

• marketing relationships

We often manage concurrent projects, as well as coordinating large organizations with project teams to fulfill objectives.

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